On top of Hugo global configuration, Hugo-theme-learn lets you define the following parameters in config.toml (here, values are default).

  # Prefix URL to edit current page. Will display an "Edit this page" button on top right hand corner of every page. 
  # Useful to give opportunity to people to create merge request for your doc.
  # See the config.toml file from this documentation site to have an example.
  editURL = ""
  # Author of the site, will be used in meta information
  author = ""
  # Description of the site, will be used in meta information
  description = ""
  # Shows a checkmark for visited pages on the menu
  showVisitedLinks = false
  # Disable search function. It will hide search bar
  disableSearch = false
  # Javascript and CSS cache are automatically busted when new version of site is generated. 
  # Set this to true to disable this behavior (some proxies don't handle well this optimization)
  disableAssetsBusting = false
  # Set this to true to disable copy-to-clipboard button for inline code.
  disableInlineCopyToClipBoard = false
  # A title for shortcuts in menu is set by default. Set this to true to disable it. 
  disableShortcutsTitle = false
  # When using mulitlingual website, disable the switch language button.
  disableLanguageSwitchingButton = false
  # Hide breadcrumbs in the header and only show the current page title
  disableBreadcrumb = true
  # Hide Next and Previous page buttons normally displayed full height beside content
  disableNextPrev = true
  # Order sections in menu by "weight" or "title". Default to "weight"
  ordersectionsby = "weight"
  # Change default color scheme with a variant one. Can be "red", "blue", "green".
  themeVariant = ""